“На одном дыхании. Мода и дизайн от Татьяны Парфеновой”.
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“На одном дыхании. Мода и дизайн от Татьяны Парфеновой”

“На одном дыхании. Мода и дизайн от Татьяны Парфеновой”.
“На одном дыхании. Мода и дизайн от Татьяны Парфеновой”.
Февраль 12, 2013


Уже на днях модный дом Северной столицы «Татьяна Парфенова» совершит уникальный по своим размерам переезд  – выставка в 11 залах московского музея подарит людям возможность почувствовать, что Модный Дом — это живой организм, единовременный, целостный и, порой, алогический. Картины и платья, фарфор и предметы интерьера, книги и спектакли, – за последние пять лет в этом доме всему нашлось свое место и время. И это время – отнюдь нелинейно. Здесь картины – это платья, платьям вторят истории из книг, спектакли, собранные из таких историй – фарфоровые хрупки, а сказочный интерьер — будто написан на холсте.

Открытие выставки состоится 19 февраля в 17.00 в атриуме Хлебного дома музея-заповедника “Царицыно”. Экспозиция будет открыта до 5 мая 2013 года.



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    Malia, I love this. Hahaha…..I was totally giggling. Not sure if it’s because I have the same kids screaming ipod, ipod, ipod or if I just realized how silly I am to keep asking God for the same thing over and over. Duh! I get it……clear now. Over and out….

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    My biggest problem is fitting me, especially slacks. I need to learn to taper the legs a little so they aren’t so wide. I think I have figured out the waist/hip sort of.

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    Reader Will: I think we are much closer in what we see in the use of B & W — the differences in approach, goal and what can be expressed, but also in what cannot be expressed.Thank your for the praise, but I'm still at the bottom of the ladder! :-)

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    I love this post Kelli! …and you are so right. Mt. Everest is not needed. I do enjoy a family walk in the cool of the evening, even if it is through my own backyard. I will make a point of enjoying that a little more this summer!

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    George and Georgina are so lovely. Do I spot one of the flowers I sent you being used in your swap? Glad they have come in useful and I will be keen to see what you’ve done with it! x

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    I do think that’s part of being an introvert. I doubt I could have kept up with a blog when my daughter was little – I was so overwhelmed with everything else. I do think though that your blog is a lovely way to stay in touch with your friends and family. Making friends with other bloggers is a wonderful extra (like me!) but not as important as staying in touch with your loved ones. But yeah, you don’t want the blog to take away time from your children & husband. They need your attention more.

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    Garth has said many good things about you Ryan. Know in your heart that he cared deeply for you and will always be with you.p.s. His birthday was May 5, 1953. Jared was born on the same day in 1992, just after Garth graduated from NAIT. The boys told me you played beautiful songs at his memorial service. Thank you.

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    Wendi – you are so very welcome. The whole point of me writing this story was to help other families who were feeling hopeless. I certainly did. Good luck to you and I wish your child full recovery!

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